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People who live in the Deep South or the scorching Southwest deserts need air conditioning. In general, there are two kinds of air conditioner, the central A/C systems and the whole house units otherwise known as the wall or window air conditioner units.

Air Conditioner General PriceBoth ac systems dehumidify and cool, but they differ in size, output and energy usage. Here is some valuable information about each type of cooling system and some tips to note when looking at an air conditioner general price list. You can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $8,000 depending on what type of air conditioner you choose.

Air Conditioning – How it Works

An ac system is a sophisticated piece of machinery. The air conditioning units are fitted with fans, compressors, fan motors, heat pumps and coolant circulation. The hot, damp air is drawn in from the outside and put through numerous cooling processes, which extract a high percentage of the moisture.

The air is then sent through an outlet vent into the room, where it lowers the overall temperature. In years gone by, environmentally unfriendly CFC’s and carcinogens were used as coolant gases; however, these gases are no longer used. Every air cooling system needs an electrical power source, external ventilation and coolant.

Information about Window Units

Split A/C units, wall units and window units are one and the same thing; they are all classed as a single-room A/C system. These units can be placed in a window or permanently installed via a hole in the wall.

The cooling and ventilation systems are housed within the main body of the unit and the system can be hard-wired or plugged into an outlet. Electrical installation much depends on the amount of BTUs needed to operate the unit efficiently.

The average unit consumes around 900 watts per kilowatt hour. Before purchasing a window unit you should measure the space, which needs to be cooled, the A/C unit should be powerful enough to cool the space without overworking it.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Window Units

Window air conditioner units are viewed as portable cooling systems; however, moving the unit around can damage the internal parts. The overall size of the unit is all important, buy a portable ac system which is too small and the motor will run constantly and your energy bills will soar.

Purchase a unit which is too large and it will cause humidity to build, and the room will not cool as expected.

A percentage of wall units are prone to drips and leaks, especially when used in humid climates, in fact, they can appear noisier than a central air con unit when used in small areas at moderate temperatures. This type of unit is affordable and an average window cooler costs around $300.

Whole House Air Conditioners

This kind of air cooling system is also known as a central air cooler, view any air conditioner price list and note these systems can be quite expensive. The large air conditioning units consist of a blower fan, a cooling coil system and a condenser, which is normally housed outside.

The warm outdoor air is condensed, sent into the fan, cooled by the coils and dispersed into the rooms via the ductwork; hence the air is cooled and dehumidified. In the event of the home having no forced-air furnace, the cooling coils and the fans will be put into the attic. The temperature level is regulated using a thermostat. A whole house two and a half ton A/C unit will consume around 3,500 watts of electricity per kilowatt.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Whole House air Conditioning

A whole house air con system is ideal if several rooms must be cooled. Installation costs vary according to region, type of unit and amount of work involved installing the unit. If ductwork is added the installation costs will be higher. A whole house system will condition and dehumidify the air, remove irritants and allergens to create a better environment.

Look at an air conditioner general price list to decide whether to buy a whole house A/C unit, a window unit or a combination of both.

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