Voltas Performs Well in Split A/C Market

When the sweltering summer heat strikes, most people are really thankful for a good quality air conditioner. More than ever before, the split A/c unit is a popular alternative to more traditional window units.

The great advantage of a split A/C unit is that it does not require a window or other opening in the home or building in order for it to be installed. Basically, it can be put in any where with sufficient wall space to accommodate it. The cooling unit “lives” outside the home or commercial property.

The Voltas split acs are extremely popular with consumers. Voltas has a great and long-established reputation in the HVAC field. The company products are known to be budget-friendly, efficient and flexible in application.

When choosing an air conditioning unit for home or office, it’s very important to know the area of the space in square feet. Also, consider how much you can afford to spend initially on a unit and on the monthly electricity to power it.

The Voltas 1.0 Vertis Gold 5 Star unit is an affordably priced unit. Equipped with a silver ion filter, this model not only cools the air but improves its quality as well. It comes with a rotary compressor and is energy efficient and quiet.

The Voltas 1.5 Vertis Elite 3 Star is a wall-mounted model which will comfortably cool a large-sized room. The consumer can move it easily from one room to another. Like the 1.0 Vertis Gold 5 Star, this air conditioner features a quiet rotary compressor, auto swing and digital temperature control. Also, it has an auto restart and a timer. The unit moves the air at 850 M3/Hr.

The Voltas 1.5 plus 3 Star has many great features, too. It has an LCD remote control with smart functions and has 5-step swing, a sleep mode, various fan speeds, and on/off timer and louvers which can be set to rotate automatically. An activated carbon filter handles hydrocarbon gasses and odors. The EER from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency is 2-star.

Finally, the Voltas 1.0 Vertis Elite 3 Star provides the best in relief from the sweltering temperatures of summer. It is easy on power consumption, has only one rotary compressor and uses R-22 gas as its refrigerant.

Voltas split acs have many different and good quality models from which to choose. High on energy efficiency and convenience and low on those indoor temperatures, Voltas continues to produce great air conditioning to suit all types of consumers.

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