Voltas Split Air Conditioner Review

Voltas is the largest producer of air conditioners in India. While Voltas has been around for nearly five decades, they have become increasingly popular in recent years as more middle class Indians are investing in central air conditioners. In particular, Voltas is dominating the market in split air conditioner sales.

This article will provide general information about Voltas as well as a review of the Voltas split air conditioner.

Perhaps the most popular of the Voltas brand is the 1 Vertis Gold 5 Star unit which comes with an effective nano silver air filter. This filter cleans impurities from the air and also removes any foul odors from cooking or cigarette smoke. It also features Voltas’ Digital Thermostat and male handhigh-efficiency compressor which can save you money on your electricity bills.

Another option in the split ac unit market is the 1.5 Vertis Elite 3 Star. This winning unit mounts to the wall for easy installation. It also comes with a number of nice features like the multi-directional louvers and an automatic timer.

A slightly larger and pricier Voltas split as is the Voltas 1.5 Vertis+ 3 unit, which comes equipped with a sleep mode feature and a auto-rotate feature for its louvers. The other benefit of this unit is that it has been given awards for its high energy efficiency. It also comes standard with a highly effective carbon filter, which absorbs hydrocarbons.

Finally, the 1.0 Vertis Elite 3 Star unit comes highly recommended by reviewers and is a budget-friendly alternative to the previous air conditioner. It is a quiet machine that relies on a single compressor for its cooling power. It also uses the more environmentally-friendly R-22 refrigerant.

A Voltas split ac can be a welcome addition to your home and it will definitely keep you cool during the next heat wave.

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