Dealing with Common Wall Air Conditioner Problems

We can assist in determining whether you need to fix your AC yourself, or you will require the services of a professional.

The inability of the system to turn on, is one of the most common wall air conditioner problems experienced by people. When this occurs, persons begin to contract the services of technicians for huge fees to carry out repair work.

Reduced cooling capacity and a loss of air flow are two other problems that many people experience. These problems may seem insurmountable, but can actually be addressed using some do-it-yourself techniques.

If the unit is giving you problems starting, then the problem could be with the controls and switches. For these electrical related issues, you need to check the thermostat and the circuit breaker, to ensure that they are functioning properly.

You may also need to check the air filter, cooling coil, heating coil, supply plenum, return air plenum and blower fan, which are all contained in the air handling unit. After these inspections are completed, then you may need to check the circuit breakers for both the compressors and air handling units.

If the problem remains unsolved after all these checks, it is probable that the duct system needs to be checked as well. If the issue you are facing is with the cooling effect, the blower unit needs to be inspected.

The proper cleaning of the unit may result in the alleviation of the problem. If the compressors are old, then this could be the cause for the loss of cool air, and it would be advisable to replace the compressor.

The cost of units can be expensive, so effective maintenance should be carried out on the units, to ensure their durability. Learning do-it-yourself techniques, will also allow you to easily handle any minor issues without assistance.

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