Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

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A wall mounted air conditioner can be a smart investment if you want to create a healthy indoor environment. Wall mount styles have different advantages depending upon the setting. The three types that you may consider include wall types, split types, and packaged terminal air conditioners.

Air conditioners designed to run on inverter technology have an economic advantage for many homeowners. The operating cost is less, and there is less noise with inverter styles. Many models come with extras such as remote temperature control features that make them easy to adjust and operate.

Many factors may influence your decision, but quiet efficiency should be a benchmark for any a/c unit that you select. The following information outlines important considerations for making an informed choice.

1. Wall units come in a lot of different styles, and they have many good similarities to window mount varieties. Size, style, color, and finish may be attractive options as well.

2. Wall mounts can be left in place when not in use, and this type of permanent cooling solution is an ideal fit for many homeowners. Window models need to be removed in preparation for cold weather and proper interior insulation conditions once the weather cools, and this is why a wall mount may be more advantageous if your time for home projects or storage space is limited.

3. Weather extremes can make it difficult to control room temperature, but inverter applications are up to meeting this challenge. They can accommodate temperature fluctuations quietly and efficiently without any adjustment to their placement or temperature setting.

4. Many wall mount models clean the air and keep things cool simultaneously. This is due to the filters that absorb dust, microorganisms, and mold spores that circulate through the air.

5. Installation of wall mounts can be relatively easy and unobtrusive. The compressor component is affixed to an exterior wall, and the fan unit components are mounted after creating very small holes. Installation costs are minimal since there is no major or professional construction work required, and many homeowners are able to complete the setup in a short amount of time.

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