Warning: The Danby Windowless Portable Air Conditioner Comes with Mixed Reviews

Have you seen the Danby windowless portable air conditioner advertised at Walmart or at Lowe’s?

Many people have. That is made Danby one of the most popular portable air conditioners available in the US right now.

And what’s not to like?

First of all, these units are very budget friendly. In fact, you can pick one up for $200. A second reason why so many people are drawn to windowless air conditioner units is because they do not require any complicated installation. Rather, you simply plug in, run the hose out the window, and turn it on.

Because these units become so popular in recent years, we decided to provide you with a Danby windowless portable air conditioner review below.

Danby Windowless Portable Air Conditioner Review

The Danby it’s come in a variety of sizes. The smallest unit available is a 5000 BTU air conditioner and Danby makes models up to 12000 BTUs like the Danby DPA120B1WB 12000 BTU Portable AC.

If you are looking to purchase one of these models, the first thing you must do is take measurements of the room where you intend to use it. By relying on a BTU calculator like this one, you’ll be able to determine exactly how many BTUs you need to keep your room cool.

Another benefit of going with a windowless air conditioner unit is that it is in fact mobile. These units are mounted on wheels so that you can easily roll them from room to room.

This is particularly important because portable air conditioners are notoriously heavy. The Danby’s weight in and around 60 to 70 pounds. This would make it very difficult to pick up, but the wheels make it quite easy to move.

The final benefit of the Danby units is that they are dead simple to install. Honestly, you want even have to break out your tools to get your unit up and going. Installation takes all of 5 minutes.

There are a few drawbacks of going with the Danby units, however.

The first complaint that we hear from reviewers is that these machines are quite loud. Now most portable air conditioners clock in at 40 to 50 dB. This is loud compared to split air conditioner, but is not necessarily earsplitting. Our recommendation is to not use a Danby in your bedroom if you are a light sleeper.

The second concern that consumers have about the Danby units is in regards to drainage and leaking.

First off, the Danby units do not come with auto-evaporative technology. This means that you will have to manually drain the condensation bucket on this unit. Honestly, this can be an hassle because you have to tip the unit backwards over a bucket to catch the condensation.

The second issue is with leakage. We have heard many complaints from consumers that the Danby units leak water. This may be due to the fact that consumers are not draining the condensation bucket’s in time and they are overflowing. But no one wants the condensation to leak onto their hardwood floor or carpet.

So if you’re looking for a budget friendly way to keep cool this summer, a Danby windowless portable air conditioner may be a good choice. Just pay attention to the condensation bucket and keep it out of your bedroom if you need absolute quiet to sleep.

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