Westpoint Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Westpoint, also known as Midea, has built quite the reputation for creating durable, attractive products and their entry into portable air conditioners is no exception. In the Westpoint portable air conditioner reviews, many people have commented about the excellence of this particular product in terms of design, durability and effectiveness.

However, does the Westpoint portable air conditioner really stand up to all the reviews and promises that are made about this particular device?

We’ll take a look and see just how it stacks up, what are the advantages and the overall impression that it makes compared to other, similar portable air conditioners.


There are certainly numerous advantages to the Westpoint 10000 BTUs, as it is very well crafted with clean lines and an emphasis on portability. Large enough to cool a small to medium size room, yet just light enough that it does not take that much effort to move it around, this entry by Westpoint meets all the criteria for a portable air conditioner.

10,000 BTUs: Powerful enough to cool a room of roughly 350 to 400 square feet, it is effective when set in the proper place. However, it is not quite large or powerful enough to cool down an entire floor even when set in the hallway, so the limitations of this particular product must be observed.

Single Hose Exhaust: The single exhaust hose is easy to use and employ so that you can quickly switch from one room to the next when needed. This means that you can use this particular unit in one room that needs extra cooling or for emergency situations when your main air conditioner goes out.

Advanced Filter System: This is a filter that helps eliminate the dust, dirt and debris in the air as well as the many germs, fungi and bacteria that may be floating around as well. The ionizer function means that it kills many of these organisms that spread colds and viruses in your home. While it does not sanitize, it does help clean the circulating are.

24 Hour Timer/Auto Restart: You can set the timer to control when you want the unit to cool and then shut off to save on your electrical bill. By allowing control for up to 24 hours, you can set it in the morning and arrive to a cool room in the late afternoon.


Of the Westpoint portable air conditioner reviews, there are many that point out its clean, simple features and intuitive remote control as well. Bottom line, this particular unit provides plenty of cooling power which will keep a room at a nice, comfortable temperature without creating much in the way of condensation thanks to the exhaust system.

Overall, if you need to cool down a room, the Westpoint portable air conditioner is more than capable of accomplishing the job. It is crafted from durable materials for long-lasting effect and is relatively easy to move from room to room when needed to provide a cooler, more comfortable environment.

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