What are the Best Portable Air Conditioners Reviews?

Best Portable Air Conditioner Dorm Room
If you are in the market for a portable ac for your home or office space, it’s wise to do some of your own research and investigate the best portable air conditioners reviews.

Check out our top portable ac reviews in this in-depth post.

Getting input from other consumers who are already using a particular unit will help you make a good decision regarding the price, value, brand, features and model.

Here is some very basic information about the best portable A/C units available for the home today. It was gleaned from product reviews by actual customers who have purchased and used the air conditioning units mentioned and know their advantages and disadvantages well. Check the information out for yourself before you buy.

Edgestar Koldfront PAC8000S.–Great for limited indoor spaces of less than 150 square feet, this air cooling unit is only $290, making it one of the biggest bargains currently out there. It has a remote control, a dehumidifier, and digital thermostat. All the customer reviews are basically good. However, noise is definitely a downside to the Edgestar Koldfront. Consider how bothersome noise would be in your indoor environment.

Royal Sovereign ARP1000ES–This is a notably quiet A/C unit which customers say does a great job cooling their small spaces which measure about 200 square feet. It features a dehumidifier, an exhaust pipe and a remote control, and some customers praise it for being hardworking and durable.

On the negative end of things, the Royal Sovereign is rather high-priced at $500, making it more expensive than many window air conditioners. In addition, the Royal Sovereign is on the heavy side, making it far less convenient to move from one location to another with the change of seasons.

Edgestar Extreme Cool AP12000S–This budget-friendly A/C unit is priced at $395 and can easily handle a 300 to 400 square feet of cooling space. It has the usual remote control and dehumidifier and also a convenient timer and digital thermostat. Again, noise was mentioned by some customer reviews as being the unit’s principal downside.

Portable air conditioning units seem to be favorite choices among consumers. These models are cost-sparing, relatively easy to install and do not require window space. Most cool well, but none of them are as quiet or as efficient as a window air conditioner. Window A/C is generally a lot less costly to buy and to operate and could be the consumer’s better indoor environment option in the long run.

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