What Are the Best Through the Wall Air Conditioner Brands

A through the wall air conditioner is, as you would expect, mounted on an interior wall and vented to the outside. In that respect it is comparable to a window air conditioning system but is often larger and with a greater cooling capacity.

There are many through the wall air conditioner brands from which to select if you are considering using one. The best-known brands are Friedrich, Soleus, Frigidaire and Fedders.

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Generally, wall mounted air conditioners are not as popular as they once were but are still widely used, particularly in the business sector where there may be a requirement for larger spaces to be kept cool. A particular advantage of them is that, while normally fixed in place, they can, if necessary be moved to a different location without much effort.

Temporary Structures

Wall air conditioners are particularly suited to temporary structures and are commonly used, for example, on work sites. Such temporary structures are often designed with a cut out in a wall specifically for air condition equipment to be set into it.

Among the reasons for using the wall units in temporary buildings is that the window frames in such structures are often not strong enough to support the weight of the air conditioner and also because a reasonably large space may need to be cooled and the higher BTU rating of the wall system makes it more suitable for the purpose.

In The Home

The wall air conditioning system has some advantages over the window units in the home also. Some windows may not have a strong enough structure to take the weight of the air condition unit that is large enough to cool the space required.

It may be a large room or an entire floor of the house that needs to be kept cool. Some people may not want any obstruction blocking their views from a window or reducing the natural light coming into the room.

Window air conditioner units may be considered to be unsightly by some. The ability to position a wall mounted air condition unit more discreetly than on a window is another benefit that householders may appreciate.


Installing a wall air conditioning unit is not a trivial task. It involves creating a hole in the wall and fitting it with a frame. If you consider yourself to be a gifted do-it-yourself person you might try it yourself. Otherwise, it is safer to call in a professional installer.

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