What Is a Through the Wall Air Conditioner?

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Summer is pretty hard to enjoy without good air conditioning. If what you need is an inexpensive solution to this problem, then a through the wall air conditioner could be right for you. You can do some Internet shopping and find a broad range of brands and models to choose from, and find yourself a pretty good deal. A through the wall air conditioner can be just the ticket. You might ask what is a through the wall air conditioner, and how do I install it. Well, this article will cover that.

Before you get online and get started, you need to have a good idea of what type of wall unit AC you need. Large units can cool large areas, and smaller units can cool smaller areas. Size is not the only consideration. You need to figure out which exterior wall in your room that you will be placing your air conditioner in. To make sure your installation goes smoothly and is a success, and that your unit operates at top efficiency, you need to take accurate measurements of your unit.

Many window air conditioner units are set up to be installed as through the wall air conditioners as well. For example, this Frigidaire FRA086HT1 8,000 BTU Through-the-Wall Room Air Conditioner (115 volts) is both a window and wall air conditioner. In other words, you can mount it on a windowsill or you can secure it to a cut out of a wall (details about installation are below).

When you’re cutting a hole into your wall, the cuts need to be straight and also level. This will keep the unit from sitting on an angle and not performing at its best. The entire process is fairly simple, especially for those with a little carpentry experience. If you need it, there is professional help available.

You should have a basic knowledge of certain tools like caulking guns, saber or circular saws, drywall tape, pry bars, drills, levels, and tape measures. Be positive of where the unit will be located first and foremost. The ideal spot for an AC unit is just below a window. That way the header that is supporting the window itself, can also support the AC. You always want to place your unit where there is an electrical outlet nearby. Always make sure you won’t be cutting into any type of gas or electrical lines.

Wall unit ACs come with manuals that you should consult to get specific dimensions for making the hole in your wall. Mark these dimensions off on the drywall before you get started with the cutting. Carefully remove the cut-out parts with your pry bar. Now you use that same procedure on your exterior wall. Use the drill on all four corners of the opening, and then finish the hole with a circular or saber saw.

You want to build yourself a frame to fit your wall unit AC into, so it fits snugly into the hole. Sometimes these wall units come with sleeves, so you need to think out whether or not a frame is even necessary.

Once the hole is cut and the frame or sleeves are installed, your AC unit can be slid back into the wall. You should allow for a very small tilt that allows the condensation to run out from the unit away from your house. Securing the unit to the wall requires following the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

Replace any insulation you may have removed during installation and making the hole. Now you can repaint the space surrounding your new hole, and use the drywall tape to cover over any visible seams. You can weather-proof your work using silicone caulking, covering any gaps that may exist in your exterior wall that were left when you made the hole to install your unit. A good seal will ensure good efficiency.

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