What is The Best Air Conditioner Filter

Best Air Conditioner Filter
Best Air Conditioner FilterMany people wonder what the best air conditioner filter is for use in their home. Being able to select the proper air filter system including a proper air filter is key to being able to clean the air that is circulating in your home. You should always remember that not all air filters are created equal so you have to be careful what you choose.

You have many options for choosing it up a filter for your air conditioner including an electronic air filter like the Electrostatic Air Furnace Filter – Silver Metal Frame – Permanent and Washable. When you’re using this filter it works as an attachment your existing air conditioner and will electronically get rid of any of the particles of dust that pass through it.

You’ll find that it works very similar to electronic bug zappers that many people use to get rid of outdoor pests. If you use this filter it requires periodic cleaning and maintenance that you need to make sure that you have done by a qualified air conditioning technician. If you use an electronic filter it will cost you approximately $1000.

You can get an electrostatic filter that is housed in a very rigid plastic frame. Our favorite is the Nordic Pure 16x25x1 MERV 12 Pleated AC Furnace Air Filter , Box of 6.

By using these filters using a filter that is designed to last for lifetime. You should not decide to purchase this type of filter if you are not committed to making sure that it is cleaned once per month. Even better yet it should be cleaned every two weeks for proper usage. If you purchase one of these filters that is going to run you about $30.00.

Another option for in air conditioning filter is a pleated paper filter (like the Honeywell CF200A1008/E 4.5-Inch Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaner Filter) that has been placed in a frame of cardboard. The plates that are in these filters increase the surface that is exposed to the air that is flowing throughout your house. Each of these filters cost around $4.00 for each filter.

You’ll ask you and very inexpensive options are a flat paper matte that has been placed in cardboard framing which should cost you around $2.50 for each filter and a spun fiberglass out there that is mounted in a cardboard frame. Due to its very inexpensive price of $1.00 each it is definitely the most popular filter that is used today.

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