What is the Best Brand for Portable Air Conditioners?

Best Portable Air Conditioner Dorm Room
If you’ve come here looking for the best brand for portable air conditioners, then you won’t be disappointed. We’ll review several of the top brands here, including Frigidaire, Friedrich, LG, GE, and Haier.

Frigidaire have been making air conditioners since 1916. There were bought out by Electrolux (a brand favorite in India) in 1986. Not only does Frigidaire make an excellent product, but they also ensure that what they produce is energy efficient.

We particularly like the Frigidaire FRA12EPT1 12,000 BTU Portable Heat/Cool Air Conditioner with Remote Control from Frigidaire.

Friedrich are a company based in Texas. Many think that Friedrich make the best AC model in the world, but with a product so good, a hefty price tag will follow. If you want the best air conditioner, then you should choose a Friedrich, but be prepared to pay a high price.

LG haven’t been making portable AC units for as long as some of these other brands, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t produce a quality product. LG have a solid reputation for making some of the best energy efficient appliances in the world.

Everybody has heard of GE. General Electric has been creating quality products for a long time. If you want a quality appliance you’ll never be disappointed by choosing the GE brand, and this includes AC units.

Haier is another young company. The business was created in China in the 1980s. They developed a name for themselves by building refrigerators, but in 2000 they expanded into air conditioning units. Haier have become very successful during their short lifetime. Mostly due to their ability to manufacturing quality products for a cheap price.

All of the brand names above will be a good choice, but depending on your budget, and what you are requiring in terms of power, you may want to research these brands in more detail. You can do your research on the manufacturer’s websites or by searching for customer reviews on the Internet.

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