What Is the Best Portable Air Conditioner?

what is the best portable air conditioner
Supplemental cooling can make a big difference in a room, and features like portability and quick installation can make air conditioning easier and more efficient than ever.

You may have wondered what is the best portable air conditioner or wondered which units are ranked the highest. Small but powerful portable ac units have become popular in recent years, and there are good options available for consumers.

what is the best portable air conditionerProduct testing has revealed the multiple features of the NewAir AC12000E 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. This model provides a 12,000 BTU range for cooling power, and it is affordable as well. This NewAir offering was tested on a muggy afternoon in an apartment bedroom measuring 200 square feet.

First Impressions

The AC12000E has been updated in comparison to the ACP-1400E. The body of the AC12000E has a sleeker and more stylized body, and the more elongated design made it ideal for unobtrusive corner placement. It has a VFD screen that was easy to read and provided clear contrast and bright light. The screen lights up in the dark, and this was a pleasant surprise. The built-in casters seemed to be the right size, since it was easy to move the ac unit down a hallway to another room as part of the testing. The remote control worked from 50 feet away, and it only took a standard 120 volt outlet to run this air conditioner.

Cooling Power

The 12,000 BTU power of the AC12000E was more than sufficient for cooling our 200 square foot test space. There was no need to empty drain buckets since this NewAir model has auto-evaporation technology as part of its design. The exhaust hose is larger and wider in diameter than hoses of competing models, and this created better air flow and more efficient cooling.

Dehumidifying Capability

This model has a refrigeration cycle, and the large capacity provided ample cooling at only 10.8amps/950 watts of power.

Noise Level

The noise was minimal and less than 52 decibels even on the highest fan setting. Watching TV or otherwise enjoying the room environment was not an issue while the AC12000E was running.

Air Purifying Capacity

The built-in air purifier makes this model truly multi-functional. A washable air filter traps larger airborne particles, and the electrostatic plates of the ionizer traps smaller particles. Activated carbon addresses the issue of noxious household odors.

The NewAir AC12000E proved to be ideal for cooling interior rooms and personal spaces, and the features and affordability make this ac unit a great investment.

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