What Is the Best Portable Air Conditioner to Buy?

Are you wondering what is the best portable air conditioner to buy? There are some important facts that you need to know before you search out for the best portable air conditioner.

We are going to tell you some important facts regarding energy consumption, its impact on circuit load, venting, noise and the price of the air conditioner unit.

Also, you can find our in-depth reviews of the top portable air conditioners on this post.

Energy Consumption

An average air conditioner in the United States runs for about 750 hours in a year. As we all know, air conditioners consume a lot of electricity and that is why it has become a public issue. The Energy Efficiency Rating or EER is defined as the ratio of BTU’s per hour to the number of watts the unit consumes.

A cooling model with low EER of 7 or 8 is considered as less energy efficient. On the other hand, a unit with an EER of 12 is considered good. Amcor is an air conditioner with the highest EER rating. The EER rating for Amcor air con unit is 16.6.

The Circuit Load

Before looking for a cooling unit, you should check your breaker box to know how much amps available in the room you want to cool. For instance, if you purchase an air con unit that draws 14.5 amps on a 15 amp circuit, it will put a circuit load. Because of the circuit load, you will need to put off lights to enjoy the cooling effect of the portable cooling unit.

Noise that Comes Out of the Cooling Unit

Those flexible air conditioners having 14,000 BTU,s or less generate a noise level of around 50 decibels. This can be easily compared with the noise level generated by most of the refrigerators. A 16,000 BTU unit air con generates a noise level of 60 decibels, which is quite noisier.

Venting Strategy for the Cooling Unit

There is some contention about single and double hose unit in terms of their superiority. A single hose unit exhausts some cooling air that it produces. Unlike single hose unit, a double hose unit eliminates this problem.

Portable Air Con Price

When it comes to efficiency, price should be considered as a secondary thing. Generally, a costly unit will not generate more electricity bill compared to a cheaper and less efficient model.

Portable air conditioners are less efficient compared to window units and cost roughly twice. You pay a high price for the portable unit because of the flexibility of rolling it from one place to another.

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