What Is the Best Portable Air Conditioner Brand?

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There are times when a permanent installation of an air conditioner is either inadequate or impractical. In these cases, people turn to portable air conditioners to get the job done.

They are small and lightweight alternatives which can be hauled virtually anywhere thanks to their wheels underneath. They are often found in areas that require a bit more cooling than the rest of a building like meeting rooms, health care facilities, and server rooms.

Our favorite portable air conditioner is the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S). This an excellent portable ac that cools well and holds up to regular use. We like it so much that we have one in the office.

If you aren’t ready to decide which portable ac unit to go with, read our tips and strategies below:


Portable or not, air conditioners work under the same principles. The basic blocks are present such as the compressor, coolant, and pipes. Freon gas is typically used to pump out the heat so that the air inside can be kept cool and comfortable. A water reservoir is present for the collection of condensation from the air.

Portable ac units can be divided into four groups, each with their own design and specific method of operation:

– Split Units

– Heat and Cool Units

– Single-hosed Units

– Dual-hosed Units

The Benefits of Going Portable

Owners cite a number of reasons for going portable. These include the freedom and flexibility to move the unit anywhere inside a building or even off-site depending on the current needs — something that is obviously impossible with fixed installations. Portable ac units also tend to be quite easy to use and maintain. They do not have any complicated wiring issues. They work well when powered by an ordinary outlet.

The Downsides of a Movable Unit

On the other hand, some portables can be on the heavy side which makes then difficult to move up the stairs. Their bulk could also pose a problem if passing through narrow doors and corridors. Note, also, that they need to vent hot air somehow to keep the room cool so there has to be provisions for them to do so.

The water reservoir may get filled during a long session so it will have to be emptied manually for smooth operations. Lastly, portable units cost more than fixed units with the same specifications.

What is the best portable air conditioner brand? Consider your needs and get the model that addresses them well.

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