What is the Best Portable Air Conditioner for Your Garage?

Should you be looking for a new air conditioner for your garage, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the various options available on the market today. This is a brief summary outlining the three main types of air conditioners available and our recommendation for the best garage air conditioner. Before we give you our advice, however, we’ll explain your three different options for garage air conditioners: split ac, portable ac units and window air conditioner units.

A central air conditioning unit is a system that is used for cooling the entire house. It has an air-handling system that extracts the warm air and replaces it with cool air. The cool air is channeled to various parts of the house and while that is happening the warm air is channeled outside. But the central ac does not cool the garage. And during the hot summer months, this can make your garage feel like an oven.

The central system is ideal for homeowners as it controls the temperature throughout the home. It is very quiet as well, as the compressor and heat exchange unit can be located away from the home. The central model also manages the temperatures for the entire house via a thermostat control. This in itself is better than the portable or window units available that can only cool the room that they are installed in.

The split system is available in two varieties, namely the central system and the mini-split system. In both systems the evaporative unit is kept separate from the condensing unit. The central unit is used to cool an entire residence or commercial building, while the mini-split is more suited to cooling a single room. You can set up a split ac in your garage, but these units are a bit pricey for using to just cool the garage. In our opinion, it just isn’t worth installing a ductless unit in the garage.

If your budget does not accommodate huge expenses or if you are living in an rental, then the split system is not for you. There is one other type of unit better suited for your needs. The portable ac is perfect for cooling single rooms or rooms that are not in use everyday, like a garage or attic.

Not needing professional installation, the portable unit can easily be installed by yourself. These are usually fixtures and not designed to be moved around. The portable units usually come with wheels, making them easy to move to wherever you need them.

Our recommendation for the best portable air conditioner for your garage is the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S). This is an excellent yet compact ac that will keep you garage cool all summer long. Moreover, set up is a snap because you simply have to vent the exhaust house out of the ceiling or through a hole in a wall. Plus, the dual hose design of the Whynter model means that this is really one of the most efficient yet powerful portable ac units available today.

Although different air-conditioners have different qualities and some with varied functions, they generally serve the same purpose. They are all electrically operated to remove the warm air from your apartment, residence or commercial building and then replacing it with cool air bringing relief on those hot summer days.

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