What Is the Best Portable Air Conditioner?

Figuring out what is the best portable air conditioner takes a bit of thought and research.

The first question that needs to be answered is – Do I really need a new portable AC? You are the only one who can truly answer it. If the answer is ‘yes’, then the next one might be whether or not this is a commercial purchase. What type of climate do you have where you live? Give some consideration to your specific situation, and you will be better able to determine what type of portable AC you need.

If you want our recommendation for the best portable ac, you really cannot go wrong with the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S). These are great units that cool well, hold up for years, and come highly rated.

If you are still on the fence about your decision, take a look at the guidelines we provide below.

Selecting The Right Brand

The market is full of huge brands. We all know that brand popularity costs. A good example would be like the difference in purchasing a BMW as opposed to a Ford. The good news is that ACs are not that complicated. A standard unit may carry a specific warranty, which means it is reasonably safe to buy. Just don’t be discouraged about purchasing a lesser known brand that could be as much as 30% cheaper.

Select A Model That Fits

Portable AC units have a broad range of technical specifications. Some units can be very efficient, able to cool off a certain sized area using only a minimum amount of energy. Other units may not be as efficient. Some units might be sleek and modern in their design, others may look a bit old-fashioned and dated, but could also work just as well and be cheaper.

Comparison shopping is key to selecting the right model for the job. Be smart, and go in knowing how much space you want to cool, and how many BTUs it will take to do the job right.

Don’t Fall For Sales Pitches

You have to watch being sold something you don’t really need. There are times when you shop for an AC, that what makes the difference between the expensive one and the cheaper one, is totally insignificant to you and what you need. Do your homework and go in well informed and knowledgeable. Then you won’t be swayed by a salesman who knows more ‘AC lingo’ than you.

No Unnecessary Charges or Fees

This is extremely important. What is meant by ‘unnecessary fees’ here, are units that have been totally overpriced. You may have noticed this before, but you can go to a store that has a reputation for ‘high quality’, and find that the same items there cost a bit more than at some lesser known outlets. You don’t want to buy the name. Shop around, you’ll come out better.

When you buy from big chains, the ones with stores around locally, what you are paying for is their overhead expenses, like heating costs, employees, maintenance fees, lighting, and the markup as well. Everything gets averaged out and figured into their products.

When you can locate a merchant that attempts to keep costs low by minimizing their overhead, then you are on to something. You’re sure to find a better deal in this type of vendor. The trick is to make your purchase from someone who gives reasonable pricing, good customer service, and honors their warranties. It takes a bit of research to locate the right one, but in the end, you win.

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