What are the Best Portable Air Conditioners for Humid Climates

Air conditioning units do not have to be the familiar window air conditioner units or even central air. The consumer should consider purchasing a portable air conditioner as it can be one of the more useful appliances any home owner can have.

We really like the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S) for humid climates. It is a powerful unit that can deal with hot, humid weather.

For example, many home owners have rooms that are unused or only lightly trafficked on a day to day basis through the hot months of the year. Why should they spend hard-earned money on central air conditioning for cooling spaces that don’t really need the consistent cooling that other rooms in the house might require?

It’s true that furnishings and other belongings require some climate control to prevent deterioration, but certainly, a high level of cooling in closed off areas of a home does not make good economic sense. Here’s where quality portable air conditioning comes in.

Relatively inexpensive to purchase, maintain and operate, portable air conditioning can be easily moved from room to room as needed. A portable ac is also useful during a breakdown of a larger window air conditioner or central air unit the sweltering summer weather.

Cost effective as well, many portable units cost as little as $300 for a 7,000 BTU model. This output will cool a limited amount of area nicely without using a lot of electricity. These units are relatively compact and easy to store, too, taking up no more space than the average vacuum cleaner.

What are the best portable air conditioners for humid climates?

Look for a model that is within the family budget but still puts out sufficient BTUs. This will make it useful for most any application in the home. Also, consider where the hot air exhaust can be vented. Any type of A/C needs venting as the unit’s job is to put cool air into a space and get the hot air out.

Quality portable units come with flexible ducts and adjustable window fittings to carry the hot air out of doors. Make sure the vent location will work well in the long run.

Consider this, too. All air conditioners, portable or not, produce condensation as they remove humidity from the air. Central air conditioning units pipes this into the home’s sewer system. A window unit sends it off the back of the unit to the outside ground below. Portable units collect the condensation in a tray which the user empties periodically as needed.

All good portable A/C units feature a switch which shuts it the unit off when the condensation tray is topped off. Other models use a hose to divert the condensation outside or into a sink away from the air conditioner. Either way, in high humidity environments, plan to deal with the condensation the portable air conditioner will produce.

For the owner of a small home or the empty nest couple with no need to air condition large spaces, a portable air conditioner just makes good sense. Small and easily maneuvered, stored, vented and emptied, portable A/C provides the versatility and budget-friendly features that can benefit the wise home owner and his cooling needs.

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