What is the Best Portable Room Air Conditioner Unit

When it comes to finding the best small room air conditioner, there are somewhat different standards applied that normal portable air conditioning units. This is because they are smaller overall and designed to fit rooms that otherwise could not handle having a standard size portable A/C unit. So, they are generally less powerful and have limited features.

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However for small, single rooms they may be the best option because they take up less space while costing less money, yet they provide the same overall cooling performance of larger units thanks to the size of the room.

Presented here is one particular small room portable air conditioner, the Frigidaire FRA053PU1 which has garnered some critical attention over the past few years as being one of the best.

There are a few notable features of this portable air conditioning unit which starts with its very small size and robust design that makes it perfect for many small rooms.

5,000 BTUs: While standard portable air conditioning units often feature 14,000 BTUs, this one is considerably smaller, but gets the job done. This means that it can cool a room of up to 216 square feet which works for most small rooms.

Swing Air Conditioning Control: Basically, this allows the unit to be directed at one place in the room so that the cooling may be more effective. The perfect choice for the bedroom as people can sleep in comfort.

Antimicrobial Mesh Filter: This means that many of the microbes that cause allergies are trapped in the filter itself. Plus, the filter is easy to access from the top rear of the unit so that it can be cleaned or replaced.

There are certainly numerous advantages with having such a small portable air conditioner for your room.

Size: Small, portable and relatively easy to set up, the Frigidaire FRA053PU1 is designed to be easy to operate as well.
Durability: The clean design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also is tough and durable as well. It is perfect for most small rooms and robust enough to last for years.

Low Power: This plugs into your standard wall socket and will not drain the power like many of its larger, more powerful portable air conditioners. Add to this a solid energy efficient ratio and the overall cost of operating this unit is more than reasonable for what it accomplishes.

Despite all the advantages that this portable air conditioner offers, there are some issues that customers may want to consider before buying this product.

Size: While the size can be an advantage, it is also a disadvantage as well. This is because small rooms that are next to heat sources or even windows that bring in the sunlight can strain to cool the room down.

Vent: While the product says that it doesn’t need a vent, it actually does when operating. At the very least, the vent area needs to be clear so that it can operate at its peak.

Overall, the Frigidaire FRA053PU1 does exactly what it says it will and offers consumers a way to cool down a small room or become an emergency air conditioner if needed in that capacity. This is one of the best portable small room air conditioner units that we have run across.

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