What Is the Best Quiet Portable Room Air Conditioner?

Best Quiet Portable Room Air Conditioner
There are many different models and styles of air conditioners to choose from and room AC units are among these. Attempting to find the perfect design for your work space or home is easy when you know what features to search for.

Best Quiet Portable Room Air ConditionerThe reviews in this article will help you to identify the best quiet portable room air conditioner. Just a warning: portable air conditioners can be loud. Check out our guide to portable air conditioners for in-depth reviews of the top portable models.

Friedrich CP06F10

This is a 6000 BTU air conditioner for rooms and it is both efficient and quiet. It is attractive and can cool large rooms well which is not something that many portable models can do. Installation can prove tricky and it will only blow air straight ahead. It can be used to cool spaces that are 10 feet by 12 feet or larger.


Perfect for cooling 300 square feet spaces this option is very quiet when on. This model ranked well in tests that put it up against other room units. It comes with a remote control and a timer and the option for auto start. It also boasts a reasonable price tag and will allow you to maintain a comfortable space during hot weather months.

Frigidaire FRA106CT1

This design has a sleep mode that will shut it down when you are not occupying the space in order to conserve energy. It lets you know when the air is clean and has a remote control. This unit can cool down spaces that are 450 square feet or larger.


This model is capable of cooling spaces measuring up to 550 square feet and is perfect for those extremely hot summer days. It got amazing results in an efficiency test. It performs well overall and people have reported that it is quiet and operates efficiently. This is a fair-sized unit for keeping your space cool.

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