What to Consider When Looking for the Best Quietest Air Conditioner

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An air conditioning unit is an important part of keeping your home cool and comfortable during the heat of summer. In order to ensure your home stays cool, you must choose the right size AC, make sure it has good ventilation and that it will run efficiently.

When you find today’s best quietest air conditioner on the market, it will likely also offer air purification which can be beneficial for anyone with breathing problems. Some air conditioning systems can be loud, creating a disturbance for anyone nearby.

Read our review of the Friedrich, one of the quietest units on the market these days.

It is important to remember this when selecting a window unit or central AC for your home. Fortunately, there are also many air conditioners that are designed for quiet operation, other features to consider when you want a quiet air conditioner are listed below.

When considering an air conditioning systems, size is very important. An AC that is not big enough will not be able to keep your home cool and it will have a much shorter life expectancy.

It will need to work much harder than is necessary to cool your home. A unit that exceeds the size needed for your home will certainly be able to cool it, but energy costs will be very high. When you choose the system that is the right size for your property, you can ensure great comfort and lower operating costs.

High efficiency air conditioners, can also make a big difference in terms of the level of noise they make. A higher efficiency rating will be more economical in the long run, helping you save money.

A system with a fan that has variable speed will be quieter as well as more energy efficient. The motor is situated inside of the air handler. The air handler pushes the cool air through your homes ducts and is typically is found in a blower coil or furnace.

A unit with a variable speed fan can reduce energy usage, increase efficiency of cooling and provide better air quality. Additionally, these motors make it easy to control the cooling temperature for various areas of the home.

Air conditioners can also produce loud noises if there are loose parts. It is important to be sure that your AC installer is capable of handling the job properly. All parts should be tight in order to prevent noise due to vibration as well as ensure good operation.

Professional HVAC contractors will be able to offer recommendations for quiet and efficient systems. Since professional AC contractors have a great deal of experience installing these systems, it is a great idea to follow their guidance in choosing the best cooling systems.

If you currently have an air conditioner, but it is getting noisy, there are some problems that you can look for that could be contributing to the noise. An older AC will naturally be noisier than a new system. This is typically because as a system gets older, parts start to wear out.

A compressor that starts having problems will be loud. Replacing the compressor is the best way to solve the problem. Fan blades that are dirty can become imbalanced, leading to worn bearings. In order to increase the life of your air conditioner and reduce noise problems, fan blades should be cleaned.

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