What to Do If Your Portable Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

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A portable air conditioning unit can be ideal for small spaces or specific areas for many reasons. The set up can be quick and easy, and the portability feature may be invaluable if you need to cool a computer server or a similar electronic device. Fans can be ineffective and central cooling may be costly or impractical, and this is why portable devices continue to grow in popularity.

Minimal installation provides great flexibility whenever you need to rearrange things, but for a portable air conditioner not portable air conditioner not coolingcooling the way it is supposed to would bring all of these good advantages to a halt.

This may be distressing at first, but reviewing a few troubleshooting tips may identify the problem and keep you from needing professional intervention.

1. Your AC Unit Will Not Start

Ensure that the power cord is undamaged and plugged in properly.

Check the circuit breaker and wall plug. Reset your circuit breaker at the box, and change the outlet or socket if needed.

If these solutions do not work, then you should have the fuse box replaced under the supervision of a qualified electrician.

2. Your Portable Unit Suddenly Stops Operating

Ensure that the timer is off.

Confirm that the room temperature is higher than the AC set temperature.

Allow the room temperature to rise high enough to operate the unit.

3. Your Portable Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

Detach the grill and thoroughly clean the filter.

Inspect the condenser coils and evaporator for clogs.

If these troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, then the problem may be due to a blown fan motor or a malfunctioning compressor. You should consult a professional at this point.

4. Your Air Conditioner Will Not Cool in the Dehumidify Mode

Inspect the coils or evaporator for the presence of excess frost and defrost as needed.

Clean the air filters to avoid ice buildup, and defrost the coil when the outside temperature drops below sixty degrees. You can complete the defrost process by setting the selector switch on the fan position and letting it run until the ice has melted.

5. Your Portable AC Just Keeps Running

Ensure that you are using the portable unit for smaller areas and supplemental cooling as directed.

Make sure that the BTU rating is appropriate for your cooling needs.

Remember that excess sunlight and temperature extremes can affect your portable device air conditioning capacity as well.

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