What to Do If Your Window Unit Air Conditioner Leaking Water Inside House

Is your window unit air conditioner leaking water inside house? Find out the three different tips to solve this issue.

Every window air conditioner unit has drain pipes used to remove condensation gathered by the system. However, it may be one of the causes of system break down if the drain pipe is blocked.

This article will give you 3 tips on fixing blocked AC drainpipes.

Remember that when these pipes get blocked and continues to be unblocked for a period of time, the unit will leak water either from the ceiling or down the wall and will eventually stop working.

Here are some DIY maintenance steps to make sure that the pipes are clear:

1. Check the drainpipes using soapy water. Switch off the air conditioning unit and remove the drain tray under the unit. Pour the soapy water into the drain tray. The water should flow down the pipe and out of your home. Have someone watch out the flow of the water from outside your house. The water should run smoothly; otherwise, it is a sign that something is blocking the pipes.

2. Check for obstructions. The usual culprits are insects that crawl up the drains and create their nests inside the drain. Other things can be sticks that are stuck in the drain. Use a flexible and a long strap to clean and remove all these obstructions. Again, use the soapy water technique and check if the water is running out steadily.

3. Look for mold. Especially in high moisture areas, mold could manifest in the drainpipes, which may cause blockage if there are too many. There are a lot of solutions to use in getting rid of mold; however, one way to clean them is using water with a bleach solution, then pour it down the drain until you see that the water is flowing steadily outside.

These three effective, yet easy simple tips can help you in fixing blocked air conditioner drain pipes. Do remember that regular maintenance is needed to make your air conditioner work, as it should be. In addition, maintaining it regularly will prevent your system to break down as well as helping you save on high electricity bills.

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