What to do when the Air Conditioner Compressor Freezes Up

air conditioner compressor freezing up
Here are some useful maintenance tips for split air cooling units – these tips will maximize the efficiency and prolong the life of your split air conditioner.

air conditioner compressor freezing upA well-maintained product will function properly, so it is important to look after your ac unit. Anyone who owns a commercial cooling system or a domestic air cooler should follow these guidelines to ensure it performs well and lasts for many years. Air conditioning systems are comprised of various parts including:

1. The A/C filter – This is a vital part of the AC unit. The filters should be changed once a month if the unit is in regular use, or once every two months if the system is not in continual use. Fail to change the filters and the air will become polluted and dirty. In addition to this, dirty air filters increase running and maintenance costs.

2. The Compressor – The compressor creates the gas which is needed to run the ac unit. The component should be cleaned regularly to ensure the air produced remains fresh and cool. Oil the compressor with specialist oil to maximize its lifespan. Fail to look after the compressor and the part may freeze up. A frozen unit is unable to produce cool air.

3. The Evaporator Coil – In the event the air conditioner compressor freezes up, you might need to replace the worn out coil. This will improve the air flow and help the air to circulate around the home.

4. Air Cooling Maintenance – A routine ac maintenance schedule should include cleaning the air ducts. The air ducts associated with the air conditioning system are spread throughout the home. Clean the ducts regularly to remove dirt and dust. Clean ducts produce fresh, healthy and unpolluted air.

5. All air con units need refrigerant – The refrigerant absorbs the excess heat and turns it into cool air, which is then pumped into the home. If the system develops a refrigerant leak it is time to contact a reliable contractor. The HVAC engineer will check the system and replace the faulty component.

6. Common problems – Cleaning the filters can often rectify the problem; however, you may need to call an expert HVAC engineer if the problem persists.

7. Ice – If ice blocks the pipes then the unit cannot produce cool air. This indicates the air conditioning refrigerant is low; hence the refrigerant should be topped up or replaced.

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