What to Look for in a Very Small Portable Air Conditioner

Very Small Portable Air Conditioner
Portable air conditioners are small enough to carry easily from one location to another. This type of air cooler requires no installation, which saves the consumer time and money. It can effectively cool down any room and is inexpensive to operate when compared to other types of air conditioning systems.

These units are suitable for use in small clinics, offices, and laboratories. A very small portable air conditioner is ideal for cooling a dorm room or a work cubicle.

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Very Small Portable Air ConditionerA portable AC has a vent to recycle the interior air and cool the room. The dehumidification system dries out the air and eliminates condensation. The system removes additional water content from the recycled air.

A portable cooler may be a split system or have a single hose or dual hoses. A single hose unit carries air from the back of the unit to an exhaust vent. These units usually have 12,000 BTUs of cooling capacity and can cool a room that is 475 square feet.

A dual hose unit has one hose to remove hot air and one hose for air intake. These units have 12,000 to 14,000 BTUs and are used in large spaces.

A split system has a compressor and an evaporator connected by a series of detachable pipes to cool the interior air. This is the most efficient system of the three mentioned here. It generates less noise and comes in a more compact package. The external unit eliminates any need for the user to drain water from the system. Some portable air coolers on the market are able to take in cool air and release hot air.

Portable cooling systems are highly advanced appliances that allow you to control the interior temperature in any room while offering cost effective operation and the flexibility to relocate the unit easily.

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