What to Look for in an Electronic Air Filter

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If you think your air conditioner just cools your home, think again. Air conditioners also purify the air in a room through an electronic air filter. Unfiltered air may spread allergens that cause diseases like asthma in humans and pets.

Air filters are inherent to most air conditioners today. These trap up to 95% of irritant particles in the air on their plates through the science of electrostatics.

The filters are located between the furnace and the air ducts. In order to keep the air quality of your room healthy and to ensure proper functioning of the filters, you must clean the plates of your filter regularly.

Regular cleaning and even vacuuming may may not remove all dust particles and allergens in a room. These harmful particles are scooped up by the air conditioner when it is turned on.

A series of steps follow this. On entering the cooling system, the air goes through a pre-filter that sucks up most of the irritants approximated at around 95%. The remaining air is vented to the filter where particles are charged by applying an external voltage.

These charged harmful particles deposit on the plates which have an apposite charge. The dust particles stay on the plates till the plates are removed and cleaned.

Electronic air purifiers are of two types: charged media fillers and electronic precipitators. The former deposits the impurities on charged fibers while latter deposits dust on charged plates. Best Air Conditioner Filter

Electronic precipitators are more effective of the two, generating up to 20,000 Volts just to charge the harmful particles ensuring the dust particles are collected more efficiently.

Two tests are used to ascertain the efficiency of an electronic air filter: dust spot test, and weight resistance test.

Weight resistance test measures the weight of impurities that the filter can remove while the dust spot test measures the size of the impurities that a filter can remove. Dust spot tests checks if the filter can catch impurities that are sized between 0.3 and 6 microns.

No matter which air filter your air conditioner uses, remember to remove dust from it periodically.

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