What to Look for in the Free Standing Air Conditioner Home Depot Models

wall mounted air conditioner units
Have you been looking at the free standing air conditioners at Home Depot? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. Here is our advice for how to find the best free standing air conditioner.

Why Opt for a Free Standing Unit?

Central air and permanent ac installation options can be complex and costly, and this is why many consumers select portable ac units instead. Mobile air conditioning will allow you to have room cooling just where you need it without having to deal with traditional window venting.

What You Should Know about Portable Free Standing Models

Portable models with built-in casters are easy to move from one room to another. The best styles have a hose that is large and flexible for optimal hot air exhaust as well.

Free-standing styles usually have reservoirs that need to be emptied periodically, but some come with a drainage hose.

A drainage hose may reduce or eliminate the need to empty a reservoir, particularly with newer portable ac models. Portable units may be selected to support central HVAC systems as well.

Air conditioners are defined by BTU output measurements, the area that they can cool effectively, and electrical requirements. You should match this information to your room size when selecting portable air conditioning.

Benefits and Disadvantages

  • Easy setup and relocation
  • Can be used throughout the home and in most rooms
  • Can be heavy without attached casters
  • Potential for low energy efficiency

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