What You Should Know About The Best Portable Air Conditioner For Allergies

ventless windowless air conditioner
Even though portable AC units have already been around for some time, these air conditioner designs are increasing in popularity due to their convenience, aesthetic appeal, efficiency and versatility. It is also possible to protect your health with a portable air conditioning unit.

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Many doctors recommend keeping the windows closed and using a portable air conditioner if you have severe allergies. Here are some other reasons to consider investing in a portable ac unit.

Healing Abilities: Not only do portable designs cool down the interior air, but they are also capable of dehumidifying it as well. This is a major benefit for those who suffer from allergies and need to keep inside humidity levels low in order to prevent dust mite issues and allergy attacks. Portable models also come with washable filters that are designed to last and that provide additional health benefits by filtering allergens and toxins out of the air.

Best Portable Air Conditioner For AllergiesAppeal: The portable units of today come in attractive colors and styles that blend seamlessly with the designs of modern rooms. Thy also boost a compact footprint and an inconspicuous presence that does not command an extraordinary amount of interior space.

Cost: Many portable units are also more affordable than window air conditioner units. (Though you can find some tiny, low-end window air conditioners for quite cheap. These aren’t very powerful units, however.)

Easy To Use: A number of portable models come with remote controls that allow you to make adjustments while sitting comfortably on the sofa. Some even have LED screens and electric control panels that boast an automatic shut-off function.

Portable: These designs can be easily moved form place to place. They have casters and handles built right in. Portable designs can provide cooling comfort in any room that you need. All you have to do is roll your unit (most of these are fairly lightweight) to the room that you are occupying.

No Installation: With many units there is minimal or no installation required. You will not have to pay an installer. You won’t lose window space and you don’t need to cut a large hole in your wall. There are even a number of portable ACs that have new auto drain technology that eliminates the build up of excess fluids and the need to empty interior pans or bins which means that they can be used continually.

Cost-Effective: By cooling only the areas that you want to have cooled (rather than cooling the entire building), you can be truly energy-efficient. This spot cooling saves you money and reduces the costs of operating your unit.

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