What’s the Best Portable Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home?

Any HVAC expert would recommend a window air conditioner as opposed to a portable one. However, portable A/C units do have their advantages. What is the best portable air conditioning unit for your home?

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This article will examine one of the more popular portable ac units from LG.

The LG LP1214GXR seems to provide enough power and a good price. Here’s more about this popular air conditioning unit.

Affordably priced, the LG unit comes with a ’round the clock timer and remote control. Power output runs from 8,000 to 14,000 BTUs, depending on the size of the unit. Most A/C manufacturers do not offer such a wide range in sizes for their portable air conditioners.

The LG owner’s manual indicates that it has a decent A SEER rating, and even though this LG unit has not been on the market as long as some other products, online ratings average a 4.2 stars on the Home Depot web site. They come on the tail of previous models which were similarly rated. All that to say, LG is a safe choice for home cooling.

There is a negative, however, as the LG LP1214GXR has only a single hose. Portable A/C with 2 hoses is generally superior to the single hose kind as dual hose is comparable to window A/C. Window and dual hose air conditioning have indoor air cooling the room and outdoor air cooling the compressor in the unit itself. This is energy sparing. A unit with only one hose, like the LG, utilizes indoor air no matter what it needs to cool, and so, the air conditioner is far less efficient.

Also, with other portable ac units, the hose is not well insulated. That presents an energy issue, too.

So, here’s a recommendation for the LG model if the consumer is certain that he wants a portable unit rather than a window model. Remember that portable units require more output per square foot of space to be cooled. Check online for the BTUs necessary for the targeted space. In general, 8,000 BTUs are sufficient for 200 square feet of space, 10,000 for 300, 12,000 for 400 and 14,000 for 500.

Look for favorable and convenient features, budget-conscious price and sufficient power to cool the desired space. Those details will help make the decision for purchasing the best portable air conditioning unit for the home or office.

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