When to Change Your Air Conditioner Filter

There are numerous things that you should do if you want to extend the life of your air conditioner. These little tasks will ensure that your ac works at its best for years if not decades. During the hot season, the very first and the most essential thing for you to do is to change the filter of your air conditioner every 1-2 months.

The amount of time between filter changes relies on numerous points, like the type of house, the amount of dust and pollutants in the air, and the model of air conditioner. The main point is that you do need to regularly change your air conditioner filter. Not only will it keep your machine running well, but it will result in lower electricity bills because a new filter makes your ac very efficient. In other words, if you skip the filter change, you will pay dearly.

Keep in mind that if your a/c unit has a pleated filter, you will have to clean and replace it even more regularly. The majority of individuals determine that pleated filters are adequate for their machines. These filters are capable of doing an adequate job in cleaning the air in your home while also ensuring that your machine is running effectively.

Every 1 to 3 months, the pleated filters have to be changed. If your live in an area that is particularly dusty, however, you make need to replace the filters even more often.

If you are looking for a filter that has the most optimum performance, choose an electrostatic, HEPA or electronic filter. These filters are more efficient, but they are also more expensive. The other downside is that, due to their high efficiency, they actually have to be changed even more often. Because they do such a good job in collecting pollutants and debris from the air, they tend to get dirty really fast.

The electrostatic filters have the very best mix of effectiveness and value. Although you initially will have to pay 2 to 6 times more than you would for a pleated filter, you can easily make back that money by re-using these electrostatic filters. They can easily be cleaned and replaced. In fact, you can use the same filter for years.

To clean an electronic air conditioner filter, it is a bit more of a hassle. You need to pick up a social heating/cooling filter cleaner. The filter must be soaked in the solution in order to clean it.

HEPA filters are what you really want if you are looking for the most effective filters. However, the trouble is that these filters end up being choked up really quick, can obstruct the air flow and can even end up being unusable if overly dirty.

With HEPA filters, you have to examine them monthly. You can ask your conditioner service provider whether your device requires this sort of filter.

Your local hardware store can provide you with the most economical pleated filters at 10 dollars for a pack of 4. These filters are clearly the most affordable when as compared to the others. The main problem is that they just aren’t that good at collecting the dirt and debris floating around in the air of your home.

As a result, the dirt can collect on the evaporator coil of your a/c unit. This will require you to clean the coil each year. These filters are really so inferior in their performance, that you should not be surprised if even after one year of installing it to your conditioner, you discover that its not yet filthy enough to be changed.

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