Where Can I Buy a Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Duct Hose Extension Kit?

When one thinks of a home air conditioner, he often thinks of the built-in central air conditioning unit or a window unit. Few consider the portable air conditioning unit, however, these devices offer far more versatility.

There are many situations where you might need cooling in one area without air conditioning the entire home. Keeping unused rooms cool does not make economic sense. Still, you do want to have climate control that prevents damage to furniture, but not at the comfort level you need it in the rooms you actually occupy. In such spaces, portable air conditioning units are ideal.

They can move to the kitchen as you prepare meals or the den when you are viewing TV. At night, they roll into the bedroom to keep the space cool for sleeping. You will likely find dozens of applications for such units. They are also ideal in case the big central unit suddenly stops working.

portable air conditioner exhaust duct hose extension kitThese portable units are also cost effective. You can likely pick up a 7,000 BTU unit for under $300 on sale. That is not a lot of cash to ensure you have backup for the primary cooling system as well as the availability to provide spot cooling without a big hike in the power bill. When not in use, the unit will fit in a storage space about the size required for your vacuum cleaner.

When selecting one of these units, choose the largest BTU rating you can afford. This provides additional versatility. In addition, you should consider a few other things before buying the unit for a specific purpose.

You Must Exhaust Heat

While these units create an exhaust, it is not like that produced by an automobile. The AC exhaust created is simply hot air. One unit can create about the same amount of heat as a clothes dryer. This is simply the way the units work. They remove heat from the air and provide cooling inside the home. The hot air created has to go somewhere other than back into the room you are attempting to cool.

Portable ac units usually use a collapsible duct tubing similar to that used with a clothes dryer in order to direct the air elsewhere, usually outside a window. Typically, the exhaust is fitted with an adjustable panel that fits a nearby window.

A portable air conditioner exhaust duct hose extension kit can give the unit a little more flexibility with a longer hose. Take time to consider the places you will most likely use the unit and that there is an exhaust location that will allow it to pump heat out of a room.

The HDIUK 3m Portable Air conditioner Exhaust duct hose extension kit, Increase the length of your existing flexible hose is one of the best – and most reasonably-priced – extension kits we have found.

Capacity for Condensation

In addition to cooling the air, these units also provide dehumidification, with various degrees of moisture removal efficiency. With the central AC system, the moisture is disposed through pipes connected to the home’s drain system. Window air conditioner units drip outside the window where they are installed. Portable units do not have a way of disposing such water they collect. Most solve this problem by adding a tub or container to store condensation until it is emptied manually.

Some of these units include a built-in switch designed to stop the unit if the container fills with condensation. Others include the ability to connect a hose directly to the unit in order to drain condensation away safely. With either setup, it is essential to know that when used in high humidity areas, the user must make allowances for getting rid of the moisture the portable air conditioner removes from the air and collects in its collection container. Empty the container on a regular basis to prevent it from becoming too heavy.

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