Where is the Best Place to Put Air Conditioner in Room?

Best Place to Put Air conditioner in Room
Not a day goes by that I’m asked, “What’s the best place to put air conditioner in room?”

This is a great question, because the location of your ac unit will determine how effective it Best Place to Put Air conditioner in Roomis as well as how hard it will need to work to cool the area. And if your unit needs to work hard to be effective, it will cost more in energy bills.

If possible, do not install the machine in a dirty or dusty area. The dust and dirt can clog the air conditioner, leading to problems. Ensure that the machine is placed the recommended distance from the power outlet and the window.

Also, do not place the machine in an overly humid room. The humidity will require draining of the conditioner, because of extra condensation in the air.

If the unit does require draining, you can either bring the unit outside and empty it there, or install a drain tube on the machine, which will allow the liquid to flow into a bucket.

Make sure that your circuit is powerful enough to support the unit. If it isn’t, it can lead to a blown fuse or power shortage. A surge protector can also come in handy.

It will protect you in the event of a power surge and allow the machine to continue working. Another tip is to install an exhaust hose to the unit that is short and straight. This will ensure that draining water will not collect, and return to the conditioner, which could lead to damage of the machine.

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