Where to Find the Best Air Conditioner Compressor for Your Car

best air conditioner compressor
If you are looking for the best air conditioner compressor for your car, you ha€™ve come to the right place. Below, we review three of the top-selling air conditioner compressors available today.

Delphi CS0120 Air Conditioning Compressor

Delphi is well regarded as a high quality manufacturer, especially when it comes to compressors. The CS1020 Air Conditioning Compressor is certainly no exception.

best air conditioner compressorAdvantages
There are a number of advantages to this particular compressor, especially in terms of its clean, straightforward design.
Identical Parts: The OE part for example is the same one that comes from the manufacturer of the vehicle. This is advantageous because the parts are of high quality and are easier to replace.
No Splicing: One of the annoying aspects when it comes to replacing compressors has to move and splice wires when replacing the unit. Here, the OE connectors save time and hassle by not having to move wires around or make splices.
No Assembly Required: It’s nice not to have to assemble the compressor and instead just pull it from the box and put it into the air conditioning unit.
Impression: This is certainly one of the best compressors on the market today. Easy to install and very reliable, Delphi has a real winner with the CS0120 compressor.

ACDelco 15-21662A Professional Air Conditioning Compressor Kit

AC Delco stands for high quality as its products have been well respected for several decades. The compressor is another in the line of simple, straightforward engineering that really works.
There are a number of advantages with this particular unit, starting with the reputation of the company for creating and backing its machinery, particularly when it comes to compressors.
Simple Design: The overall design of the compressor is simple and straightforward meaning that putting it into your air conditioner is not a problem.
Durable: The unit has been well tested for leaks so that it operates smoothly and efficiently for years of normal use. In fact, the casing itself is quite durable holds up quite well year after year.
Warranty: The 12 month warranty is a good one and will come in very handy on the rare occasions when a less than perfect AC Delco compressor makes it through to the sales floor.
It’€™s difficult to say anything negative about ACDelco or the high quality parts that they create. The 15-21662A is a well constructed compressor that is tested and crafted to last a very long time.

Denso 471-0522 New Compressor with Clutch

Denso is the largest supplier of air conditioning components in the world and the make some of the best as well. The 471-05122 is certainly no exception to the list.
There are numerous advantages to this compressor, most notably the over three decades of skill, experience and quality that go into creating this unit.
High Standards: Denso is well noted for creating air compressors with the best quality materials and this one is no exception. That means under normal use, this compressor will last for a very long time.
Craftsmanship: It may seem funny to admire the craftsmanship that goes into creating an air compressor, but Denso certainly deserves the attention for the care and precision it has for this one.
Overall, the Denso 471-5122 is one of the more impressive air conditioner compressors w/clutch on the market today and priced very well considering its advantages.

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