Where to Find the Best Portable Room Air Conditioner Reviews

In order to find the best portable air conditioner, you will have to read reviews that come from many different sources. From consumers to inside industry websites to independent review sites as well, there are many different types of review sites that cover portable air conditioners.

So, to find the best portable room air conditioner reviews means having a source that either has no axe to grind or one that curries favor with the manufacturing company. There are relatively few reliable review sites that can meet such criteria.

However, there is one source that has been reviewing portable room air conditioners for many years along with a wealth of other products. They are fully independent and have been a trusted source for millions of people to use. Consumer Reports is arguably the best in its field for a number of reasons, but at the very least they do offer an independent view of what really makes products work.

Why Consumer Reports Stands Out
There are a number of reasons why Consumer Reports offers the best portable room air conditioner reviews over virtually every other site.

Independent: Consumer Reports does not take a dime from any manufacturer of any product that they review. This way, they can conduct a fully independent review that is free of any outside influence that might skew the review process.

Testing: The staff at Consumer Reports conducts testing on every product that they review, including portable air conditioners. This means that their reviews are developed from the results of their own experiences with each product. It also helps that all similar products are tested in the same manner in the same environmental conditions for the best accuracy.

Reputation: Over the decades, Consumer Reports has developed a strong reputation for creating easy to understand, fair and balanced reviews of all types of products. Admittedly when it comes to portable air conditioners, Consumer Reports does not seem to be a fan of the concept, but they still provide the best in terms of the reviews themselves which provide an accurate accounting of the pros and cons of a particular device.

The Issues with Other Review SitesT
There are a number of problems with many other types of review sites that may not give you a proper, reliable review.

Customer Reviews: Customers share their experiences with the product itself, but that does not mean it is representative of all the products as a whole. It is quite common to see the most popular products get the most negative customer reviews. This is because negative impressions are far more likely to be posted than positive ones.

Industry Reviews: Magazines or websites that have direct ties to the industry in terms of sponsorship cannot be trusted to give an unbiased review of a particular product. This means that the review might be slanted towards a particular product or perhaps not emphasizes real issues the unit has because of potential reprisals from the sponsor.

When it comes to the best portable room air conditioner reviews, Consumer Reports is definitely the one source that you should trust.

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