Who Makes the Best Portable Air Conditioner?

You cannot do better than the Soleus Air KY-80 Portable Air Conditioner/Dehumidifier/Fan/ with Remote Control, 8,000 BTU portable air conditioner if you are looking for an inexpensive and highly rated small room air conditioner.

This model is manufactured by the company SoleusAir and is sold under MobilComfort and SoleusAir brand names.

It does not matter what they are called, they are all the KY-80. The only difference is the cost of shipping and the price of the unit. If this review leaves you impressed, all you need to do is find the retailer with the lowest priced KY-80.

Cooling Capacity

The 8,000 BTU is perfect for cooling small rooms (160-240 square feet). Using a unit like the KY-80 to try and cool a portion of a large room will only get you mixed results.

Noise Level

The two issues with portable air conditioners are managing the water that accumulates from dehumidifying and noise. In the reviews for the KY-80, it has been described as both too loud and quiet. It depends on the individual who is using the unit.

The KY-80 has a noise level of 56 decibels and the 8,000 BTU has a level of 58. Slower speed settings result in lower levels of noise.

Water Management

The KY-80 uses auto evaporative technology. This expels compressor condensate through a hose. When the system cannot cope, excess water is emptied into a back-up tank and when it is full, the compressor turns off and sounds an alarm.

Should you live in an area where the air is like soup, you may want to keep the unit level so that the hose can drain into a bucket or jug continuously.

Energy Efficiency

The KY-80 is at the low end of EER (energy efficiency ratio, but despite this, it will only cost about 11c per hour to run.

Promoting EER

1. Make sure that there is a minimum of 10″ clearance around the unit to allow it to breath. For larger units, consult the user manual.

2. Ensure that you keep the hose straight and as short as possible.

3. Take out and wash the filter every 2 weeks.

Additional Features

The KY-80 is 31″ tall and weighs 52 pounds. It has a set of four casters for mobility. The 24hour (programmable) timer and digital thermostat can be set with a remote or manually. The 3 speed fan and four way louvers allow maximum coverage flexibility.

One very important feature of the KY-80 is the fact that it uses an environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant.

So, the only question you should have running through you mind now is who makes the best portable air conditioner? After considering all that has been said about this particular unit, what would your answer to this question be? Take all the features into consideration before making a final decision. The size of the room that you intend on using this model in needs to be one of the deciding factors.

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