Why an Air Conditioner for Dog House May Be Necessary

AC Unit Keeps Freezing
There are those who believe that people who own dogs spoil them too much. That may be true in some cases, but if you are like most dog owners, you simply want your pets to be happy and healthy.

air conditioner for dog houseIf your dog does not spend the majority of the day in your own cooled home, you may be thinking about buying him his own dog house. Have you thought about an air conditioner for dog house? Summer is almost here and hot summers call for cool spaces.

I live in Southern California, so I know that summers can get tortuously hot. If you have experienced that kind of heat, or have felt it when you climb in your vehicle, you know what it is to be in a hot, enclosed space.

Now, consider what it must be like for a fur-covered pet to go in and stay in a little dog house. Because I do live in the heat, I put some special thought into buying and placing an air-conditioned dog house before I put my precious pooch out in the heat of the summer season.

Your first consideration should be finding a house that is the right size for your dog. If your dog is a puppy, it is especially important to recognize that he or she will grow, and the dog’s house should be big enough to accommodate that growth.

The next consideration should be insulation. As with your own dwelling, the walls and roof need good insulation. This will add to the efficiency of an AC unit, which will not only keep your pooch cooler, it will save on money.

While we’ve seen some people buy actual air conditioned dog houses like this, they are really quite expensive. There are, however, cheaper ways to go about this.

We’ve seen many folks rig up air conditioners in dog houses. For example, you could set up a 12 volt air conditioner or a high-powered fan (like the Fan-Tastic Vent 01100WH Endless Breeze 12V Fan) to keep your canine cool this summer.

When you have picked out the right air conditioned home for your pet, be sure to place it a few inches from the ground so that air can pass through the space below. The warmth builds when your dog lays down, but a little space for air under the house can keep the interior cooler, and keep your dog cooler as well.

The windows in the doggy’s home are there to allow air through and so your dog can see out, but if you have installed air conditioning in your dog’s house, it is a good idea to have small windows or use shutters that can be closed up, so the conditioner can work at its best. This will keep it cooler on the inside and cut down on cooling bills.

The last important consideration is where you are going to place the house for your dog. When your goal is to keep your puppy as cool as possible, you should look for shade. A good area that provides plenty of shade all day long may keep you from having to use an air conditioning unit at all.

If nothing else, make sure your dog always has shade from the afternoon sun. When it comes to keeping your furry pet comfortable and healthy throughout the hot summer, an air conditioner for dog house is the perfect choice.

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