Why Does My Air Conditioner Leak Water?

used air conditioner units
Having to perform work on your home’s HVAC system when the weather is extremely hot or cold can be very frustrating. It is important to know a little about potential problems with your AC so that you can think about ways to prevent issues when you really need your AC. Continue reading to learn how to best protect your system.

Maybe you have been asking yourself, “Why does my air conditioner leak water?” This is a fairly common question and the cause of water leaks is often related to your AC freezing or forming ice.

Many times, homeowners think the problem is related to plumbing. However, it is likely there is ice in the drain line. Turn off the compressor and set your system to fan only. This is a problem that will likely require professional help.

Every month, you should clean your condenser coil. Be sure to turn off your AC system before attempting any type of service, repair or maintenance. Clean the condenser unit on the outside of your home as well.

Outdoor units should be kept free of grass clippings, twigs and other debris. When cutting grass, take care to keep the clippings away from your equipment. The same is true when blowing leaves, so be careful when doing any type of work around your HVAC equipment.

When the leaves begin to fall, your HVAC equipment is at risk. Frequently check the outdoor unit to ensure no leaves are building up around the base. If leaves block airflow, your AC will need to work much harder.

If your HVAC system is making a clicking noise, check to see if any debris has found its way inside. There are times when debris can interfere with the fans in your cooling system. To fix this type of problem, simply remove the debris. Before calling for a service technician, look to see if this is the problem.

If you do only one thing to maintain your HVAC system, make sure you replace the air filter. This simple task can help ensure your HVAC equipment is running well. The cost of a new filter is minimal and they are available at local hardware stores.

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