Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Working?

This summer, do not get caught asking, “Why is my air conditioner not working?” The best way not to get into this dilemma during the hottest weather of the year is to do routine maintenance.

Routine maintenance keeps air conditioners running at peak performance. A unit which runs well is less likely to fail at inopportune time, will have a longer life span and will run more efficiently. A unit that runs well will save the consumer energy and energy dollars in the long run. Here is how to do regular A/C maintenance.

Check and clean filters. To do this, consult the owner’s manual for how to remove these parts. Then clean them by washing with a mild household soap solution. Rinse the filters thoroughly, removing any soap residue. Also, make sure to clean off any debris stuck to the surface of the filter.

Clean the indoor coil. Again, check the manufacturer’s instructions for its location. It’s easily found if the unit does not have ducts. Be sure to remove any accumulated debris, dirt, leaves, hair, lint, etc. by vacuuming thoroughly with any home vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

Go over the outdoor A/C. Be sure to eliminate any debris. It is guaranteed to help optimize efficiency of the entire unit. Clean the outlet so that air flow in and out of the unit is good as well.

Assure good air flow from the air conditioner. If the movement of air seems weak, the cause may well be a blocked coil or even possibly a faulty fan motor.

This is definitely the time to call a trained HVAC technician to inspect the parts and change out whatever may be causing the air flow to be impaired. Often, it is best to leave bigger problems to a professional with experience in many different kinds of A/C.

Inspect the unit for signs of corrosion. Do not allow rust to overwhelm an air conditioner as corrosion can put a unit out of commission for good. Take care of it as soon as possible by calling in a trained repair professional.

Is the unit heating and/or cooling? During routine maintenance checks, set the unit to both the cooling and heating settings. If the air conditioner does not move between heating and cooling completely and easily, call in a repair technician as this is not a problem for the everyday handyman.

The issue here is the reversing valve in the air conditioning unit.

Remember, many home and business owners neglect routine maintenance of the mechanical systems in their buildings. This, unfortunately, includes the air conditioning.

With simple procedures and a little time and care, most any good quality A/C unit will function well for years and years. Even simple brushing, cleaning and washing does wonders for the life and function of an air conditioner.

Also, be sure that when good maintenance procedures have been followed and the A/C still seems lagging in some way, to call on an experienced, trained HVAC professional to troubleshoot and correctly resolve the issue.

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