Why Is My Window Unit Air Conditioner Leaking?

Three of the most common explanations for why a window unit air conditioner leaking include dirty heat exchanging coils or dirty filters, drainage that has become blocked and a lack of refrigerant.

It is generally easy to diagnose and repair problems like these.

1. A Heat Exchanger That Is Blocked And Filters That Are Dirty

When the heat exchanging coil and filter become excessively dirty and blocked, this restricts the air flow. This causes the coil temperature to drop. Once this temperatures falls below zero, the moisture that condenses on the coil is going to freeze and turn into small flakes of ice that get blown own of the AC and result in leakage.

Check to see if your filters are dirty and clean these off with a shower head or a small hose pipe. If there is a lot of dry lint on top of it, try vacuuming this off by using the brush attachment that comes with your home vacuum cleaner.

If the filter is extremely dirty, you should use a small spray bottle that is filled with a grease removal solution. Spray this onto the coil and let it work its magic for several minutes before using a spray bottle filled with water to rinse it off.

This is going to improve the air flow by removing the dirt. Take care to keep the spray bottle away from the AC unit’s electrical panel.

2. Drains That Have Become Blocked

Blocked drains in window AC designs tend to be fairly obvious and easy to identify. Water often drips down the wall at the back of these units and can even leak out of the front outlet.

Use a ladder to peer down inside of the AC from the top. There will be a plastic tray near the bottom of the heat exchanger that is meant to collect the condensation that the air conditioning system produces while in cooling mode. Check to ensure that this tray isn’t overflowing.

If you outdoor unit is right behind the wall that the indoor unit has been mounted on, the drain pipe is going to follow the interior pipework and let out in the garden. With this setup, look for the end of your drain pipe outdoors and wipe this clean with a cloth and blow into it as hard as you can. This will resolve any blockage that exists.

If you are unable to remove the blockage on your own or if this blockage happens to be buried in your wall, call an HVAC service to have it fixed professionally.

3. AC Leaks And Refrigerant Loss

If you have a clean air exchanger and filters and plenty of air flow, your system should be blowing out sufficient amounts of cool air. If it is not able to keep the room cool, however, and begins leaking water from the front vent, the refrigerant is probably low.

Turn your AC to the lowest setting and let it run. Then check the heat exchanging coil that is below the filters. If this has a covering of ice, your AC is leaking and will need to be professionally serviced.

If it is leaking refrigerant, your provider will have to locate and repair the leak before adding more refrigerant to the system.

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