Why Is the Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

Why Is the Air Conditioner Not Cooling
If you have a home that is unable to accommodate traditional air conditioning, live in an apartment, or need to cool down the room that your computer server is in, a portable air conditioning unit could be the ideal appliance for you.

There are a number of ways and spaces in which these units can prove helpful. You won’t have to contend with expensive central cooling or fans that are ineffective and portable designs can be moved around as needed. You can move these from place to place and they do not require a lot of maintenance or installation.

There are times, however, when you might have a problem with a portable AC unit. As a matter of fact, we often get people writing in to ask, “Why is the air conditioner not cooling?”Why Is the Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Before hiring a technician to repair it, why not troubleshoot these problems on your own and save a bit of money? Following are several common problems along with tips for solving them:

1. Your portable unit is not starting.
– Check to see that the power cord is not damaged and that it is properly plugged into the outlet.
– Check your circuit breaker and wall plug. Reset your circuit breaker at the back. Change the outlet or the socket.
– If these steps do not resolve the problem, take it to a reputable electrician and have them replace the fuse.

2. Your portable AC unit is no longer able to work on its own.
– Check to see if the timer is set.
– Make sure that the interior temperature of the space is lower than the temperature you have set.
– Let the room temperature rise a bit before operating the unit.

3. You want to know if the AC unit is actually cooling.
– Clean the filter by removing the grill.
– Check for clogs at the evaporator coils and the condenser coils.
– If these are not issues, the compressor could be malfunctioning or the fan motor might be blown and you will need professional help.

4. Your portable unit is not cooling your unit while in dehumidification mode.
– Check the evaporator coils for frost build up. Let this defrost if it is there.
– Clean filters regularly to prevent icing. Additionally, when the outdoor temperature drops below 60 degrees, defrost coils by turning the unit to fan and letting the fan run until all of the ice has melted.

5. Your portable model is not pushing out enough cold air.
– Remember that a portable option is generally for supplemental cooling and for small-sized spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms.
– Check to see that you have a properly sized unit. Sizing is determined by BTU rating. If the unit is cycling off too quickly, the BTUs are too high. If they are too low, however, the machine will not cool the space down effectively.

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