Why Use An Air Conditioner Compressor Cover When Winterizing Your Unit

Air Conditioner Compressor Cover
Following are a few tips for winterizing your air conditioner:
Air Conditioner Compressor Cover 1. Use an air conditioner compressor cover to cover your unit – do not wrap it up. When you wrap your outside AC component, this creates an enclosed environment that allows for the continual accumulation of moisture. The constant exposure to moisture causes the belts, seals and wiring to deteriorate.

This wrapped environment also provides a sheltered space that can serve as the ideal home for rodents such as rats, mice and squirrel. These pests will gnaw on the insulation that covers your refrigerant lines, the unit soundproofing and the electrical wiring.

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2. It is best to cover these units given the fairly standard placement for outdoor AC components. The close proximity to the residential structure places the unit unfortunately close to things that fall from the home including icicles that might drop down from the eaves and the gutters.

These icy missiles are pointed and heavy and they can cause damage to the exhaust fan and grille. Place a plywood square on top of the AC unit and weigh this down with bricks as it will act as a protective barrier against any objects that fall.

3. Homeowners who prefer to cover their exterior units rather than wrap them should invest in custom covers that are sized for the AC makes and models they own.

The covers have vent openings for air circulation which helps to stave off moisture damage while keeping pests from getting in and protecting the unit from the elements. Before covering your unit for the winter months, take some time to eliminate all accumulations of leaves and grass clippings that have become lodged in the vent openings.

4. Check the unit throughout the winter for heavy snow and ice accumulations so that you clean these off as needed.

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