Window Air Conditioner vs Wall Air Conditioner

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During summer months, the walls in your home and office often radiate heat inside the building, making it extremely uncomfortable for anyone to live under such conditions. Fortunately, air conditioning systems make the living conditions inside buildings comfortable and habitable.

As global warming continues to affect weather conditions, air conditioners are becoming more and more important. The problem that most people are grappling with today is choosing the best device between window air conditioner vs wall air conditioner.

There are generally two types of window AC systems. The first type requires an opening in the window or wall to place the device. A fan blows warm air from the room over the evaporator.

This has a cooling effect on the air. A second fan blows air from the outside over the condenser. This is meant to cool the refrigerant by extracting heat from it. The second type is the unitary system, which can only cool one room at any given time. Several unitary AC units may be needed to cool a large house.

A ductless system, or wall-mounted split AC, is sometimes referred to as a PTAC system. It differs greatly from window AC units. Ductless ACs have two main components: condensing unit and evaporative unit.

The former is normally installed outside the building while the evaporative unit is installed on an interior wall in the building. The two units are connected via refrigerant tubing, electrical cables and drain pipe for the condensate.

A small hole is made through the wall to pass a conduit containing the cables and tubes. This system can also be configured to work as a heating system.

With advances in technology, gone are the days when procuring and installing an air conditioning system left a hole inside your pocket. Today, anybody can afford to buy an air conditioner to suit their needs.

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