Window Unit Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Guide

Many consumers would love to have central air conditioning in their homes, but simply can’t afford it. Is there a sensible and affordable alternative to an unbearably hot home, apartment or business during the hot weather?

The answer is yes. Stay cool during those sweltering summer months with a window unit air conditioner and heat pump. Strategically placed in only one window, the window air conditioner unit keeps the entire house cool.
Economically priced at as little as $150 per unit, a window A/C model also saves on the consumer’s monthly utility bill. Central air conditioning is notorious for spiking a family’s summertime electric bills. The smaller window unit, used during just the hottest of summer days and when the family is actually home or the office open for business, saves the user a lot of money on electricity.

Use it in conjunction with a heat pump, and instead of cooling just one room such as a bedroom, place it in a central location. This will help the cool air to be distributed through out the entire home.

Here are some examples of A/C window models now on the market. They are nicely priced and definitely do the job without a big initial, or monthly, outlay of money.

The Sears Kenmore 75051–This is a very economical and efficient window air conditioner. Priced at only around $150, the unit has a timer, 2 air flow speeds, a handy remote control and the ability to point the air flow in 4 different directions. It’s perfect for a small home or office space.

For a more powerful unit, purchase the General Electric AGM12. Priced at about $400, the window unit produces 12,000 BTUs for fast cool down at 3 different speeds.

So the lesson here is that consumers should not feel that spending thousands of dollars on central air is the only way to cool down a house or small business in the hot weather.

Window A/C units are powerful, provide nice, cool indoor temperatures and save the consumer cash, too. Placed in the right window and used wisely, they are a great choice.

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