Window Unit Air Conditioner is Leaking Water

Is water leaking from your air conditioning window unit? This article will provide some troubleshooting tips.

The owners of window air conditioner units usually encounter other problems, with some time lapsing before the problem is detected, as the units are just plugged in and forgotten about.

Here, owners will be reminded of some of the issues they may have to face concerning the units, and the need to take care of them, so that these problems are prevented.

Your window unit air conditioner is leaking water – it may be that the unit was not properly positioned. To ensure that there is proper drainage, the unit must be tilted downwards.

Dirty and rusting coils and filters – When the unit is turned off, the filters should be cleaned and the coils vacuumed, to alleviate this problem.

It is recommended that filters be changed once per month, since these parts accumulate dirt on a constant basis. Once these parts are cleaned regularly, then the unit will function efficiently and your electricity bill will not be as high.

Fan has stopped blowing – this indicates that replacement of the fan is necessary. Firstly unplug the unit and place some oil on the blades. If this does not work, then the unit may require a new motor.

In many homes, window units are becoming a common appliance. However, prior to purchasing one, ensure that you do some detailed research, so that your purchase will be a wise decision.

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