Windowless Air Conditioner Units: The Ultimate Guide

It’s not unusual for people to ask questions concerning windowless air conditioner units. If that’s you, this list of questions and answers should help.

Q1 — Why is venting so important for windowless air conditioners?

A1 — This is because windowless unites extract hot air from the room, and for them to do this efficiently, it is necessary for the hot air to be vented to the outside of the home. Window vents are included with kits, when you buy portable, windowless air conditioners. This allows you to vent the unit through ceilings, basements, windows and walls.

These can even be vented through doors. It is important to cut the plexiglass to fit the specific window it is used in and a hole cut into it iStock_000000156335_ExtraSmallapproximately 5 inches in size. Set this in place in an open window and attach the portable unit to it to vent to the outside. Not only will the plexiglass seal off the window, but it will allow light into the room.

Q2 — What are windowless air conditioner units?

A2 –– These self-contained units can be easily transported to different rooms as needed. It is not necessary to install them permanently. However, the venting process is required. Once the AC is in place, be sure to run the exhaust hose to the outside of the home.

Q3 — How do I vent a windowless air conditioner?

A3 —

(a). First, find a location that will allow you to vent the unit.
(b). At the back of the unit is the discharge opening over which the exhaust connector should be placed.
(c). Now, connect the exhaust hose to the exhaust connector.
(d). At this point, you will need to size the window kit to fit the opening. It may be necessary to cut it appropriately to fit the window opening.
(e). For proper ventilation, connect the window kit to the window kit adapter.
(f). Install the ventilation window kit in the window and connect it to the exhaust hose and close the window. Now your portable AC can be operated safely.

Keep the exhaust hose straight and free of kinks any time the unit is being used. It is not recommended that you attempt to increase the length of the exhaust hose, but it is ok to shorten it if needed. One should never use an extension cord with the AC.

The length of time needed to set these units up depends on the type. Reading and following the instructions provided with the unit to the letter is important. It is also important to ventilate the unit properly and adhere to maintenance instructions if you want the unit to last a long time.

Benefits of AC Units

These AC units are energy efficient and offer great room temperature control. They also de-humidify the air and help in areas where other cooling systems are not as effective. They do not block view from windows and are drip-free. All of these are great examples of what makes portable AC units popular cooling devices that are being marketed today.

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