Windowless Room Air Conditioner

Are you getting the proper ventilation for your residence? Living in an apartment means sometimes doing without the benefits of having enough windows for allowing cool air to get into the rooms.

A windowless air conditioner can solve that problem for you. They can be used to cool various locations to supplement any regular air conditioner you might have. You won’t even have to install it. They are portable machines that are designed to move easily from one room to another. This option gives you lots of freedom in how you cool your rooms, and saves you on installation charges.

Windowless cooling units are very compact, and made to fit into any size room comfortably. They come with window kits for fastening your free-standing unit in order to vent your hot air through a window wall, a door, or a drop ceiling. These kits contain hoses that are to be inserted into the back of your machine, and connected into a specific connector opening there.

One of our favorite windowless air conditioners is the Frigidaire FRA093PT1 9,000 BTU Windowless Air Conditioner. This is a powerful little unit that is a snap to set up. You can get cool air flowing in your room in less than five minutes. It also comes with a programmable timer and a remote. This unit will cool down a room that is up to 400 square feet.

This unit will get to work collecting warm air from the direct area, then it will dehumidify the air, and finally expel it through the window as it blows cooler air back into the room. How the water from the dehumidifying procedure is disposed of will depend on what brand and model you purchase. Sometimes it is done using containers that you need to empty when full. Other times you may have a model that pushes water through a tube to the outside, and others will simply evaporate the water.

The rules for venting a portable air conditioner are pretty simple and straightforward. Naturally, the simplest method is to vent it out through your window. The first thing to do, is to slide open the exhaust connector cover on the back of your unit. Then just connect your hose to the exhaust connector and make whatever adjustments are needed for reaching from the vent kit to your window opening. You can mark a spot to get the length you need and then cut it to fit that way. Now you connect an adaptor to your vent kit and stick it through the window opening.

The next move is to connect your exhaust hose to the adaptor, then shut your window down tightly. Rooms that have no windows can pose a problem, but there are other options, like venting it through a drop ceiling.

You can find a broad range of makes and models of portable ACs to choose from. There are different sizes, features, and designs. The large ones will naturally be designed to put out lots of power for cooling large areas. They come with filters for trapping dust particles and eliminating bad odors.

Some machines feature a “quiet mode” for keeping a more peaceful atmosphere. Most models feature rollers making it very easy and convenient to relocate them. You will also find the remote control features to be very pleasing. You can remotely adjust the speed, temperature, and many other aspects of your cooling unit’s functionality.

A windowless air conditioner is a great way of cooling your home or office. They are ideal for most average-sized rooms, and their mobility make them a pleasure to use. They are very efficient and able to give you better air cooling service in locations that have poor ventilation. They give you instant service and make an excellent choice when putting together an air conditioning strategy.

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