Your AC Unit Cage Protects More Than AC

ac unit cage
With copper thefts (even freon huffing) from AC units making the headlines lately, you may wonder the best way ac unit cagefor protecting your investment.

1. Install an AC Unit Cage
This is a quick and cheap way to guard against theft. Thieves generally bypass a caged AC for a unit that looks easier to tamper with. When hiring someone to build or install your cage, be sure that the AC breathes properly. When airflow gets restricted by build up of debris, the unit will not work effectively.

2. Add Lights
While you may not want your unit to be noticeable, thieves do not like feeling noticeable either. A simple solve to this is to opt for a motion sensor type of lighting. When the thief comes close, the light kicks on.

3. Install Cameras
Again, a thief will go for an easy pick with a low profile. Even a dummy camera could be a good deterrent for a homeowner on a tighter budget. Just make sure the camera looks real enough.

4. Lock all Current Access Points to your Property
It happens to the most well meaning of property owners out there. Make it a night time routine to be sure your entire property is safe.

5. Keep The Unit Inaccessible
If your AC is on your deck or rooftop, keep access difficult. Make sure locking ladders are in use.

6. Get an AC Alarm
An alarm is more expensive than a fence or cage, but also less visible which may keep your property values up depending on your neighborhood. We like the Linear Copper Cop Air Conditioning Protection System. Like a dummy camera for those on a budget, you could deter theft with a fake alarm sticker claiming your unit is protected.

7. Paint Copper On AC Unit
Two things happen here, first thieves think the AC contains no copper and move on. Second, if a thief realizes that it is copper, they also realize that painted copper is not as valuable to the scrap yard.

8. Install an AC Cage
Yes, this is the first and best tip for keeping your AC unit safe. It deters thieves at first glance and huffers too (look into specially designed caps for service valves for added protection of refrigerant). Your insurance company can give you a protective discount for installing the cage and in some states are required. You can save money, your AC unit and even a life with an AC unit cage.

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