Your Guide to Portable AC Units

portable ac units
Portable AC units are a popular choice for apartment dwellers as well as the budget conscious. AC portable units are small, lightweight, and can be taken with you if you move. Moreover, there are many cheap portable AC units from which you can choose.

These units are so cost effective that some office workers have installed them as a cubicle air conditioner in order to stay cool during the hot summer months.

Portable AC units are an inexpensive alternative to the high cost of a central air conditioner. Portable room AC units cost a very reasonable $300 to $700. Moreover, they require no installation like a window air conditioner or a split AC.

What Makes AC Units Portable?
If you are planning on buying a small portable air conditioner, make sure the unit actually is portable. Although many models are labeled as portable, they really aren’t because they are so heavy that they are impossible to move.

If you plan to move the unit from room to room or store in during the winter, you should look for a model that includes wheels and built-in handles. Ideally, the best small portable air conditioner will fit in a number of different of spaces and be simple to move and lift it by yourself.

How to Find the Right Size Portable Air Conditioner
Make sure that you buy the right size air conditioner. It can be tempting to buy a small portable air conditioner that uses only little bit of energy and takes up a small footprint, but you need to make sure that the unit that you choose will actually cool your room.

To determine the proper size, calculate the square footage of the room in which you intend to use the small portable air conditioner. Then check the labels of the models that you are considering to determine if they will adequately cool that amount of square footage.

But also make sure that you don’t gravitate towards portable ac units that are too big for your room. A small portable air conditioner that is too big will cool the room too quickly without removing enough humidity. This will lead to a cold room that feels clammy.

Important Features of Portable AC Units
These days, many portable AC units are energy efficient. This means that they can be very cost effective, saving you a lot of money on your summer electric bills. Make sure that you ask about energy-efficient models when you are doing your research.

Also, there are a number of other features that you might consider. Many models include remote controls so that you can easily adjust the temperature and air flow even when you are sitting across the room. Many units also include built-in water tanks. These are useful because they allow you to drain the unit. Also, look into models that provide window kits. These let you mount portable AC units to window sills, ensuring a cooler breeze.

Portable AC Units Reviews
Here are three of the best portable AC units on the market today.

portable ac units

NewAir AC12000E 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The NewAir AC-12100E Extreme Cool portable AC unit provides outstanding cooling. This 12000 BTU air conditioner is ideal for cooling spaces up to 425 square feet. It would be a great choice for a cooling a master bedroom, family room or other medium-to-large spaces.

Priced at a reasonable $420, this unit includes a remote and a 24-hour timer. In addition to its air conditioning function, it also includes a dehumidifying feature and fan-only option. This means that you get to enjoy the convenience of having three appliances all in one space-saving design. You can purchase it here.

ac portable units

Soleus Air LX-140, 14,000 BTU Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner

For the ultimate in value, check out the Soleus LX-140 small portable air conditioner. Priced at around $360, this Soleus air conditioner is one of the least expensive units on the market. The unit is one of the best portable ac units for small bedrooms, office cubicles or dorms. It has an incredibly compact design, which makes it ideal for spaces with limited floor space. The Soleus is available here.

best portable ac units

NewAir AC-14100E 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

One of the most powerful portable AC units is the NewAir AC-14100E priced around $500. This unit provides exceptional cooling power and sports an earth-friendly design. In particular, it uses an eco-friendly refrigerant and provides an energy-saving programmable timer and thermostat.

The NewAir AC-14100E delivers high-efficiency cooling for large living spaces such as bedrooms, dens, and living rooms. It can easily cool spaces up to 525 square feet. Click here to buy this NewAir model.

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